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Holiday Party: Where do we begin?

I won't ask for much this Christmas. I won't even ask for snow. But I do want a holiday party. We've all been there where we want to throw the most epic holiday party and gather all our friends, coworkers, and friends of friends. But where do you begin?

As an event planner and Christmas party fanatic, step-by-step planning is essential to a successful party.

In this blog post, I will set you up with a proven roadmap to success.

First, begin by creating a budget; what are you willing to spend at the most, and what is the least you are ready to spend? Next, what kind of party will you be having? Kid-friendly, adult-only, or a combination? Will you have it be formal or casual? Will there be a sit-down dinner or appetizers? It sounds a little overwhelming, but determining these matters, to begin with, can set you up for a successful party.

Once you have the budget and theme, next comes the invitations. Around the holidays, people's calendars start to book quickly; I suggest getting out any invites a month in advance. Doing so gives plenty of time for people to find a babysitter and put it on the books, so no other parties conflict with it. There are many ways to do your invites. A couple of ones that work well are Evites and Shutterfly.

Next comes bookings and organizing the party. Start looking into different catering companies- a lot of them will let you sample the food prior. Hence, you know what you are getting. Some caterers even throw in bartending, so you don't have to try and arrange that. The most important thing to remember is that simple food done well always wins over mediocre food.

Lastly, the entertainment planning. Will you have a DJ, live music, or a playlist? Regardless of what you choose, remember to have a variety of music. A good mix engages the crowd, as you will likely have a mixed-age group. Have some good classics that people can sing along to, and then some more intimate songs that people can dance to.

Whether this is your first or thousandth party, remember the number one thing is for you to have as much fun as your guests. People will relax and enjoy more if they see their hosts having just as much fun. So happy event planning and knowing it's the most beautiful time of the year!

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